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Frozen Lights illuminate Senate Square

Wonderwater Frozen Lights will be a dramatic installation of ice lanterns in Helsinki’s Senate  Square to celebrate the Open Doors Weekend of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012.

The display will help raise awareness of the water footprint. Two massive ice blocks from Lapland each represent the water footprint of 3 873 litres used daily per person in Finland, while 150 litre ice lanterns represent the domestic use per person in Finland.

Illuminating the darkest season of the year, Wonderwater has invited designers and architects to sculpt lanterns on site. The designer teams include: Artek Studio, Ilkka Suppanen, Team Brita Flander, Sebastian Jansson & MottoWasabi, Architect Group A6 and Team Aalto University. In the sprit of WDC Helsinki 2012 theme of openness and collaboration, the people of Helsinki are invited to participate by designing their own ice lantern and bringing it to the event or share their designs on our Facebook page: A jury will award prizes to the best Frozen Light design in each class.

Wonderwater and WWF Finland

Wonderwater is joining forces with WWF Finland to raise awareness of the water footprint.
”Finland is one of the richest countries when it comes to water resources. A significant part of the products that Finns use, like groceries and cotton, however, originate in areas with limited water resources. Our consumption habits affect the state of water environment. WWF wishes to devote more attention to tackling the issue of the water footprint in Finland. Together with Wonderwater, we can illustrate this issue in an interesting way”, says Jussi Nikula, WWF Finland Program Manager.

Schedule 4 Feb.

9 am – 4 pm  Watch Frozen Light design workshops (by invitation) in Senate Square
12 – 4.30 pm  Bring your own ice lantern to Senate Square
4.30 pm  Lighting of Frozen Lights
5 – 6 pm  Jury evaluation + prize ceremony

Jury and Prizes

Vuokko Nurmesniemi, an icon of Finnish design, will evaluate the best lantern in each category with other jury members. Prizes include Blue1 flights to Oulu, and overnight stay in Kemi Snowcastle.

Kemi Snowcastle, hotel room

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