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The Dudesons met the real Santa Video

Everybody knows Santa Claus, but how many knows the real Santa? Jukka and Jarppi from the Dudesons paid a visit to Santa Claus on the Arctic Circle in Finland to help everyone to know who the real Santa is and spread the true spirit of Christmas.

Located at the Arctic Circle in Northern Finland, lies the magical world of all-year-round Christmas – the home of Santa Claus. Being probably the world’s most famous character, Santa receives over 700 000 letters a year with wishes from people in 200 countries all over the world. When Jukka and Jarppi from the well known stunts and pranks group the Dudesons visited Santa Claus, Santa told them what he wishes for Christmas.

“First and foremost Christmas is the time to slow down, take care of each other and do good things”, Santa said. “To get people really think of the true spirit of Christmas, I would like to challenge everyone to send me a wish that reflects the real Christmas spirit.”

The Dudesons convinced Santa that they have been very good the whole year and will work on a mission to let the world know the real Santa Claus. In return, Santa promised that he will reward the person with the most genuine wish by inviting him to the Santa Claus Village in Finland.

Watch the video and make your wish at <>  by 10th January 2011.

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