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Backstage a Vivienne Westwood

Arkiston aarre vuodelta 2009: La Bella Principessa a Milano presents:

I have started to see light in the end of the tunnel. I have worked like crazy to finish all the tailoring works I have had. My German design boss must be furious of not hearing of me for more than a week.

I had to hire extra help to get everything done and still 2 pairs of hands weren’t enough. We really finished the last possible night. It was funny to see that the stress of Marangoni’s and IED’s final exam’s were driving some people insane. Mainly my clients were sweet, but the last girl made me furious. She still gives me shivers when I think of her.


On Sunday morning after 1, 5 hours excellent sleep I started working backstage at Milan’s Fashion Week for Men. ;o) The first show was Frankie Morello and it was interesting like always. At backstage I saw Kelly Osbourne whose boyfriend Luke Worrall was modeling for the Frankie duo. My German model boy Jacob was really cool. He gave me some hints where to go in Berlin next week. We’ll see if I have time to meet him there.


The show started late like expected and we had to hurry to get to the second show of the day, Vivienne Westwood. I love the feeling backstage there and it didn’t let me down even this time. I took so many great pictures and met amazing new people.


I don’t know why it is always at her backstage, but the atmosphere is the most relaxed and everybody`s having a blast. The models are having fun, designer’s are chatting and everything works out just perfect. No stressing, complaining or acting up like I have unfortunately witnessed so many times.


The runway before the quests.


My friends Betta and Sere.


Hanging out with the models…


My model Miquel checking out that he is ready for the runway.


The trend for the summer 2010.


Shoe trends  for the summer 2010.


Models waiting to conquer the runway.


My favorite model boys…


My model Miquel. I actually had two guys to undress and dress up because we were lacking crew.


I met some famous people backstage. I was the only lucky one to get a picture with Vivienne Westwood and Vogue Italia`s Anna Piaggi.

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