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Champagne e BBQ sul Lago Maggiore

La Bella Principessa a Milano presents:

I was almost done with my work in Milan and felt slightly restless while waiting for my vacation to start. You know the feeling when you have worked so hard with something and then you realize that you don’t have a new project where to concentrate 24/7. I felt empty and my dear friends sensed that when they suggested a weekend away from Milan.


I couldn’t wait to change the climate. Our first choice was Bormio (known from Alpine skiing and Kalle P.), but the weather forecast wasn’t that promising so we left to Lago Maggiore. On the way there we witnessed huge traffic jams and at the boarder of Switzerland, we got stuck to one as well. We made it to Luino and it was time for a late lunch.



Afterwards I realized that all we did was eat…


…drink champagne and



…relax in the sun.

That was exactly what I needed; fresh mountain air and great company.


The house where we stayed belongs to Elena’s family. My room was filled with teddy bears so I didn’t have to sleep alone. ;o) In the morning the peacocks and roosters woke me up… the concert went on pretty much all day long.




During the weekend our gang changed slightly. Somebody came for Raclette- dinner and…


…the others for Sunday’s barbeque (or to taste the crepes & Nutella I cooked for breakfast.)  We had great time and after all the clean mountain air I was exhausted when I returned home on Sunday evening.


I need to admit that finally I got a little color to my mozzarella colored legs… (burned my back and tummy, though.) I should know by now that the Italian sun is burning hot. I still need to work my tan compared to Elena`s beautiful color…maybe by next summer. ;o)


Thank you for the great get away weekend! Can´t wait for our next trip. ;o)


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