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Madonna & Helsinki

La Bella Principessa a Milano presents:

Spending my vacation in Finland always means rushing from place to another and trying to meet all the best friends. I always have 3 cities to visit and way too little time. I spent my second long weekend in the capital.

The first evening I met my old friends from Turku in the city center. Our date of 3 turned out to be an evening with 8 which is usual when I go out with my best friend. This time we gave some Finnish guys rough time with their manners. Living in Italy has taught me some new expectations which I guess aren’t that common in Finland…


I was lucky to enjoy the beautiful weather for all 5 days and on Thursday I met friends in Kämp terrace. I was hoping to see a glimpse of Madonna and win the bet I had, but for my sadness she was nowhere near. Instead I met my best friends from Milan. It was funny to see each other in Finland, we obviously belong to bella Italia.  I made some great shopping in Kenkäfriikki and found out that my newly bought 12 cm heels weren’t that comfortable when sightseeing the city. Outs!!! I survived from Louis Vuitton without any bags, but in my mind I already spent some thousands. It is gonna be a tough fall working if I want to acquire everything I saw or then I just need to find a new lover with the Amex Centurion…



One of the reasons I was in Helsinki was Madonna’s concert. I used to be a huge Madonna fan when I was younger and finally I got the chance to see her performing live.



There was a challenge though…I don’t like crowds and the idea of queuing already gave me nausea. Luckily I had my boys calming me down and they made sure I couldn’t escape while Paul Oakenfold was deejaying. I need to admit that I wasn’t that enthusiastic of the show, gotta be something to do with being in the sector C. Well, now I can at least say that I have seen Madonna with 85000 other Finns. ;o)


This was the required equipment for the concert.


Friday evening was time for some serious partying. It started at Farouge by getting to know some new friends and continued quickly to my friend’s place: Beatroot.



My desire was to see the newly renovated Tiger so that is where we ended the evening. Somehow we had 2 tables booked with champagne and drinks and I have to admit that it was too much Moët & Chandon… even for me.


Saturday I spent enjoying the city and the sun shine.


The cutest toddler in the city.

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