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Maison Dubosk

La Bella Principessa a Milano presents:

I always tell you just about working like a maniac or having aperitifs under the warm Italian evenings. This time I will introduce to you my friend Stefania. I had heard a lot about her from her parents, but it wasn’t until this February when we had the chance to meet the first time. Finally!

These times when the economy doesn’t look that promising and fashion houses after another report bad results, you really need to be creative to keep on doing what you love the most. Stefania started her own T-shirts business. Here is her story:


My name is Stefania Loschi. I was born 25 years ago in Amman, Jordan, and after 20 years I re-born as a graphic designer in Milan, Italy. Maison Dubosk is the result of ”a quarrel between me and the mouse”. One day, I could not draw what I had in my mind in the way that I wanted with Illustrator, so I switched of the Mac. After few days my studio became a lab full of paintings on canvas. I decided to print those designs on t-shirts for me and some friends. Little by little more people started asking me of these tees and I decided to turn it into a business.


The name of the brand is inspired by the colorimeter, invented by Jules Dubosq in 1870. All of the 20 pieces of the collection have a special hangtag which shows the amount of CMYK used for the print.


I find art everywhere, most of all in simplicity from everyday life elements, up to the simplicity of lines, shapes and colors. My main influences are the artistic movements from Scandinavia, Germany and the Netherlands, from graphic to fashion design, from interior design to music.

I would like to underline that my drawings are not paintings: I am not a painter but a graphic designer who had a quarrel with her mouse and since that moment she lives with deer, fawns and flamingoes.


The first collection is called ”Women & Animals” or ”Me & Man”. The colorful illustrations show a deer which stands for the macho man, a flamingo for the egocentric man and a fawn represents the shy and romantic type of man. There is also the head of a woman with crazy hair showing thoughts of women about men and with red lips representing the love she carries inside.

100% MADE IN ITALY; the quality of the product is very important: everything from the textiles, from the manufacturing and the print is made in Italy.

Maison Dubosk is available in shops in Italy, Germany, Sweden, Portugal, UK, France and Switzerland.

Grazie bella!!!

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