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Turista a Rauma

La Bella Principessa a Milano presents:

My third vacation week in Finland was devoted to my home city Rauma. I hadn’t planned to do anything major, only to meet a few friends, cook lunch for my dad, bake some treats, read books and start running again. I succeeded pretty well and found out that at the end I was running out of time…like always. I was supposed to stay in Finland for 6 weeks (or that is how my flights were booked), but I started to long for my return to Milan earlier than expected. I wonder why… ;o)




When back to Rauma I always visit a few shops to see what the fashion is like. My favorite is Westlook in the old city. I quite often make some discoveries there. This time I returned home and made my dad happy with new clothing for him. (Thanks Manu! I return for x-mas to help you.)


Another one to visit is Busstop Clothing. I was surprised how nice brands they had in the store. Compliments! I also heard that they are moving closer to the market place. I can’t wait to visit them when next time in the city.



By the market place is Café Sali, it became our favorite meeting place during my vacation. We spend a couple of afternoons there chatting and looking at people with my friend Kata.


I love vintage clothing and the only second hand market I visited this time was Makasiini by the railroads. Unfortunately I made no catches there, the stuff was pretty dreadful. Maybe next time I have better luck.



I was running out of days left in Finland and I still hadn’t seen all of my best friends. Luckily Iina promised to drive to Rauma to see me for dinner. The only pizzeria I use there is Riviera. I have learned in Italy that you won’t find a pizzeria which makes you chicken peach- pizza so I was happy to get that. (I know I will get some comments of my taste again, damn…)


One afternoon I had time to visit the ”new” library by the canal. I got great service and I even had time to stay to read the latest Finnish fashion magazines.



On Saturdays is the ”toripäivä” (market place- day) day for my mom and me. This sunny Saturday was no exception. I just love the peacefulness and greenness in Finland. Sometimes when I drove through the city it seemed like a ghost town with its empty streets. I wonder when I will get sick of Milan and its chaos and start missing my home country. For now my home is where my heart is. ;o)

Ps. If you live in Rauma area you might have seen the latest Länsi-Suomi’s Messi with my interview.

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  1. Ihania kuvia ja

    Ihania kuvia ja muutenkin kivalta kuulostava suomiloma sulla :) Tsemppiä MIlanon syksyyn!

    haleja :)

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    27. 8. 2009 9.50

  2. Many thank's of

    Many thank’s of that page! Text helped me when I was at Rauma, by the way, everyone who are going to the Rauma, GO TO THE CAFE SALI!

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    12. 9. 2009 16.39

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