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Julkaistu 11. 8. 2009 Teksti Umami Ei kommentteja Muoti ja kauneus Stellina

Weekend a Turku

La Bella Principessa a Milano presents:

My ”vacation” in Finland started with some work in Turku for a few days. I wanted to go to see my friends in Hanko Poker Run, but decided that the weather wasn’t warm enough to do some yacht hopping and agreed to work at DBTL.



It was raining on Friday afternoon and I was terrified to freeze after Milan’s +40C. I survived and met some friends by Aura-river. It was nice being back to my own home city and by the look of some amazed faces I for sure surprised some friends by being back to Turku.




On Sunday I was free to relax…finally! We had a great dinner at my friend’s place, Cantina Azteca.



It wasn’t the first in our list, but finding an open restaurant Sunday evening in the city was a challenge. The service was excellent (thanks Kaitsu), food really good and company just what I needed. The evening continued in Poro and Patio…like in the old days. I made it to bed at 6AM after attending some after parties. Finland…



Next day I had an appointment at my old beauty salon and spent the afternoon hanging out with my good friend Saara. We made some research for my next collection at the local sport stores and also visited my friend’s vintage shop close to the fire station. VintagEija’s is a boutique with tailoring service for men and women. Eija also sells 40’s, 50’s and 60’s clothing; old and new. Her collection is unique and changes from time to time.



It is never easy to get together with all the friends in a few short days and this time was no exception. Some dates I had to cancel due to working the Saturday night as well, which wasn’t planned. Well, there is always the x-mas break to meet everybody again… if I will make it to Finland.

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