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La Bella Principessa a Milano Presents:

I was asked twice today why I haven`t updated my blog for ages. I know, I know… I just have been too busy; moving houses, being back to Finland, working with baby clothing line and getting ready for the women fashion week. No excuses anymore. I took some great pictures from Berlin this July when I spend there an amazing weekend. This article will be more like a photo diary from there.

This was my second time in Berlin, but completely different from my first business trip there about a year ago. We stayed with some friends outside the city center in a big villa, but still only 15 minutes away from Kurfürstendamm. (My definition of the city center is where I can find Chanel & Louis Vuitton stores.)

After the burning hot summer in Milan it was great to get to Berlin where it was green and not as humid as in Italy. I felt more like in Scandinavia there as well. My friends had a huge garden where we had a barbeque party the first evening we arrived.

Something funny was to realize that all the restaurants and bars where we visited during the long weekend were owned by Italians and I never stopped speaking Italian while staying in Berlin.

On Sunday we spend the day in a huge park where there was some kind of outdoor market… and the atmosphere was extremely free.

In Finland I couldn`t imagine people selling and buying alcohol or even some smokes from the streets. The spirit was somehow even too free for me.

Anyways, I had the best time in Berlin and I can`t wait to return there. Tomorrow I will get my friends to Milan and I will post you pictures later of the wedding I am attending. It feels that somebody is getting married all the time… Luckily I finished my new evening dress in time for tomorrow`s wedding.


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