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Verduno, Piemonte

La Bella Principessa a Milano Presents:

Last Saturday after returning from Florence we left to Verduno in Piemonte. My friend had already invited me there a year ago, but I never had the time before. This weekend her father arranged a barbeque party and there was a village party after the dinnertime. If someone else besides me adores drinking Barolo, might be interested to know that Verduno is one of the villages where the vine is produced.







Even before we arrived to the village up in the hills, I fell in love with the scenery. One day in the future I want to make my baby collection`s advertisement pictures there. It was absolutely gorgeous! I understand now why my friend wants to leave Milan`s smog for the weekends and return home.

IMG_7657 IMG_7667




There was something similar in the narrow streets of Verduno that made me miss my home city, Rauma. I can`t wait for August to return home. Walking around the village after lunch didn`t take that long. There are about 530 habitants in Verduno.





The barbeque party was great and I met a bunch of cool people. I was surprised of the amount of red wine we enjoyed during the evening. Grappa was very popular during the evening as well. It was too strong for my taste and when I saw how it made the guys sweat I left it for them. ;o)




On Sunday we stopped in Alba for lunch. It must have been +35C and we couldn`t wait to get into the car where it was cooler. My dear friend is unfortunately leaving from Milan to Australia and he had his going away party in Parco Sempione late afternoon. I don`t know how to survive here without him after he is gone. I know for sure that I will miss him like crazy…


I dedicate this song to my dear friend. He knows for sure why. <3

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  1. You have to

    You have to come and visit him here in Oz ;)

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    5. 7. 2010 12.26

  2. Ihania kuvia rakkaasta

    Ihania kuvia rakkaasta Italiasta ja teistä! Barolosta pidän minäkin. Tuli Italian ikävä!!!

    Ja biisi on meraviglioso anche.

    Hai una buona giornata Stellina!


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    Mervi Melasniemi

    5. 7. 2010 15.48

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