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Julkaistu 8. 10. 2010 Teksti Umami Ei kommentteja Stellina

Backstage at Milan’s Fashion Week

La Bella Principessa a Milano presents:

I worked a week at a showroom of a famous Italian fashion designer. I was waiting for the experience a lot and as a plus I got to work with one of my best friends. The week turned out to be complete opposite of what I had expected…

It was cool to see how you arrange a fashion show, but the way I felt in the evenings after 10-12 hour working days wasn`t nice. I was pissed off and I don`t normally lose my temper that easy. Behind the scenes it isn`t always so perfect as it seems or feels…

In the beginning of the week I got surprised by a Finnish model Anna Piirainen. She came for the test make up and after chatting with her in English we finally found out that she is from Finland. Hih hih…  So cool! I just read that she walked Givenchy in Paris after Milan. I am so happy for her.

One of my favorite models was Kamila Filipcikova. Her personality and beauty was absolutely amazing. It was a pleasure to work with her.

Best parts of the week was meeting new people, talking with the models that came to make the castings and fittings, the fashion show and finally the cocktail party after the show.

Hanne Gaby Odiele`s attitude rocks and so does her dress!

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