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Firenze & Pitti Bimbo 2010

La Bella Principessa a Milano Presents:

I want to start my own line of baby clothing, but getting started and learning what is possible and what I should do isn`t that easy… Sure it would be easier if I would have a daddy to pay it all, but I do not. (Pappa betalar inte!) So I need to understand well how everything works before I start investing for my own brand. We left to Florence with my friend Betta on Thursday for a little vacation with a plan to visit Pitti Bimbo, a fair of children`s clothing.




The trip started already with bad luck. We couldn`t get the hotel we had booked and ended up walking around Florence with our trolleys. Finally after 3 hotels/ B & B`s we settled down in a residence close to the Duomo. The owner of the place seemed crazy, but we didn’t have any other choice. We spend the rest of the afternoon wandering around the center and shopping with our friend Francesca who came to the city to meet us.


All the happenings seemed so absurd that we decided to dedicate the evening for bubbles, nice dinner and new friends.


The view from our roof top terrace was not bad at all after all.




On Friday we went to Pitti Bimbo and spend the whole day there. The fair area was amazing, but walking around in hot Italian sun was pretty tough. I wasn`t allowed to take that many pictures which is a shame. Some of the clothing was so pretty.




I had a thing for Snoopy when I was younger and I still find them adorable. I remember making clothing for them already years ago.





Silvian Heach`s department was cool like a year ago in Berlin`s Bread & Butter.



Like quite often in Italy (every other week), there was a strike with the trains and we ended up waiting for 4 hours for our evening train to home. Finally when we were in the boiling hot train with tens of others the train stopped in Mantova for a lack of crew?!?!?! We arrived to Milan at midnight. I had a headache since the morning and at some point on our way home I was sure my head would explode…


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