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Julkaistu 7. 10. 2010 Teksti Umami Ei kommentteja Stellina

Home Sweet Home

La Bella Principessa a Milano presents:

I was supposed to have a business meeting in Helsinki, but there came some last minute changes and my friend had to fly to New York. I already had my tickets and decided to use them anyways. I left Italy`s sunshine and arrived to chilly Finland. My dear friend had arranged a driver to pick me up from the airport. I thought that I would have plenty of time to leave my luggage, change my clothes, say “hi” to my friend and walk to Tennispalatsi for the premium of Wall Street 2, but instead I ended up almost changing my clothing and putting my make up in the back seat of the taxi. I made it to the premium in time (with the driver).

I didn`t have any expectations and I thought that the film was good. The after party was in Tiger. I was starving after skipping my lunch and tried to fill my tummy with Moët & Chandon. Not bad… When the party was drying up we changed to a birthday party where was UltraBra`s acoustic private concert. Cool!!!

Kuva: Pasi Murto

Kuva: Pasi Murto

The next day I met some friends and in the evening went to Noolan`s 10th anniversary fashion show.

I couldn`t believe my eyes when I saw my old friend walking down the catwalk. That was the best surprise of the day. We had so much fun catching up in the backstage and remembering all the crazy things we once did.

The evening ended late like the one before. Helsinki is great and so are my friends.

On Saturday evening was time to return to Rauma`s night life. Yes, there was some. After the private birthday party by the sea we went to Kalliohovi to see Juha Tapio`s concert, made a tour in Apollo and finished the evening in Onnela. OMG! I know!!! I had the best time though and I need to admit that my old friends and the new ones made the night special.

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