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Il secondo matrimonio della settimana

La Bella Principessa a Milano Presents:

Like always everything comes at the same time… On Saturday morning was the second wedding of the week of Simone and Federica. I have been waiting for somebody to get married for the past few years and now it was twice in 4 days. Friday evening was a huge birthday party of my sweethearts and of course I wanted to celebrate with them. I wasn`t having a blast anymore on Saturday morning. I honestly was ready from bed to get out of the door in 20 minutes. I didn’t have much of a choice because my ride came.



I was terrified how to survive (read: stay awake) the whole day. Outside the church I met a bunch of new people (also the groom to be) and by mistake dropped down my bra. Luckily I was still in the mood of the night before and I only made the others smile. My new friends were great, I can`t wait to meet them again.




The wedding was completely opposite from the one before. The marriage party was organized outside of Milan in beautiful surroundings in Villa Valentina.




The late lunch turned to be a dinner before we get up from the table, but I guess that is the Italian way to celebrate.


The wedding lasted the entire day and when we finally returned to Milan it was ten o`clock in the evening. So much of working or just relaxing anymore… I am happy to attend these weddings though, one day it will be my turn. Vero Amore mio?

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