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La festa di Ferragamo

La Bella Principessa a Milano presents:

The women fashion week of Milan is almost over for spring/ summer 2011. Last week I worked for Gabriele Colangelo and I will post an article later about the week. I am having some trouble finding the right words how to describe everything.  On Sunday evening there was a fancy party of Ferragamo after his fashion show.  I would have loved to take pictures of the people there; the dresses, shoes and bags were all superb. Unfortunately I didn`t have the guts to disturb people and all I have is only a few pictures of the party.

Quite a piece of art outside in the square.

I came in at the same time with Claudia Schiffer. She is even more beautiful in the real life than she is in the pictures. I need to admit that rests of the celebrities were pretty much unknown to me…

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  1. Hei, Kivaa, kun


    Kivaa, kun oot taas kirjoitellut taalla! Mukava lukea sun kuulumisia :) Ja voi, miten superihana mekko sulla oli noissa haissa edellisessa postauksessa!
    Aurinkoista syksya sinne Milanoon..

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    28. 9. 2010 13.01

  2. You are a

    You are a star Heidi!!!



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    28. 9. 2010 17.49

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