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La vacanza a Rauma

La Bella Principessa a Milano Presents:

I planned to dedicate the entire July for my baby clothing line, but instead I had to concentrate on moving houses. What a nightmare! I was such a nerve- rack that I almost drove my friends insane. I have never left until the last minute buying tickets to fly home, but now I had no other choice. I flew via Copenhagen and I was surprised how nice the airport was. Luckily moving took and will still take lots of money, so I had to leave all the stores for the next time. I did drool behind the windows of Hermès and by mistake went in to try on a new bag from Mulberry, but survived to my Turku flight without any extra baggage.

Always when I come home I like to cook my favorite dishes and bake yummy desserts. Last year I gained a kilo/ week during my vacation. This time I don`t want to become “pullukka” and I have already started going to the gym with my dad. I think that now when I do have the kitchen fully equipped and all the ingredients ready why not pamper my family a little bit.

My first 1, 5 weeks I have spend reading in the garden, going to the library, meeting my friends and finding new occupants from our garden. I don`t know any more if I want a baby or a 4 legged friend. Getting friends for visits with babies and dogs is pretty dangerous…

On Tuesday I did make a quick trip to Helsinki with my dad. In 11, 5 hours we managed to drive 510 km, he saw Leonard Cohen and his friends and I had aperitif and a dinner with my friends. That was slightly crazy, but at least I got to see some of my Helsinki based friends.

What are vacations for…?

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  1. Ihana Heidi! Enjoy

    Ihana Heidi!
    Enjoy la dolce vita!!!

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    16. 8. 2010 0.41

  2. Nice dog! ;o)

    Nice dog! ;o) Enjoy your holiday and don’t hurry back to Milan.

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    16. 8. 2010 5.21

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