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Weekend a Parigi

La Bella Principessa a Milano Presents:

It is a while since I was in Paris last time with my Dad and my little brother (who is not so little anymore).  I wanted to get away from Milan for a long weekend and got a bargain of flights to the romantic French capital. I have some friends in the city, but for my surprise I didn`t get to see any of them. Some friends I have! I didn`t mind, my long weekend seemed to be too short anyways.



The weather was windy the first day we arrived. We walked from the hotel in Latin Quarter to the Seine to see Notre-Dame. Already after the first day I noticed that the distances in the map aren`t the same when walking. I fell in love with the Latin Quarter and its atmosphere, I guess just like all the other tourists.




Finding a restaurant where to eat wasn`t easy. There were so many options. We made a wrong one in the beginning, but luckily I kept my mind and we changed place. All the other evenings we ate great. The trick of the cheap restaurants in the area was great; you eat cheap and spend the same money for a bottle of water and a glass of wine. Nice!



You really get to see the most when walking around. We did take the taxi pretty often as well, mainly evenings.



My idea of paradise… <3


I really liked the architecture in Paris. All the buildings were light colored or white, in Milan they are all darker. I found the city beautiful and I was even planning to move there. The only problem is French people… I do prefer Italians!



The French style…?



I had an awful luck. I had a few things in my shopping list from Louis Vuitton and Hermès, but the entire city of Paris didn`t have the pieces I was drooling. Maybe it was a sign that I shouldn`t get them… Can`t be possible!




We were pretty good being tourists; we saw almost all the major landmarks. There was no time for museums, but that was fine. I have seen Mona Lisa`s smile before and some amazing paintings in Musée d’Orsay. This time I liked to take it easier; watch the people and enjoy the Parisian spirit.


No comment!


Cool!  The Crookers` poster was in Pigalle. We went to see their record release a few weeks ago here in Milan. I might post something of that night later. I didn`t know that they are so big in the world.


The long weekend was great! I have way too many pictures from Paris, what a shame that I can post only a few of them. Now planning the next weekend break somewhere in the world…

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